Joerg Dullinger is a passionate photographer for more than 15 years, living in Germany near Nuremberg and is always searching for the most precious moments to capture in his images. Amongst being outside and finding beautiful places he loves working with people inside and outside the photostudio. When working with people his main target is to show the individual characteristics of each, the small things which makes everyone special.

He is addicted to fineart imaging and loves to create his images not just for presentation on a monitor but for large format fineart prints on his Epson LFP.

Beside his photographic work in the nature and the photostudio he is the owner of a blog about photography (mainly raw conversion and fineart printing) in which he shares his experience and knowledge with other photographers and all people interested in photography. Photography is not a business for him but something he spends most of his sparetime for and a perfect alternation from his job as a Project Manager.